Sunday, January 25, 2015

Technology for Lower El in 30 Minutes

I've been gone from the teaching blogosphere for a while now.  I'm being challenged more than ever before and working harder than ever.... as a result, my own writing has taken a backseat.  Besides my work in the classroom, I serve on several committees and am a district trainer/host for literacy and technology.

I just finished a technology PD last week that is already changing the way I am teaching my students.  I though I should share since I've been neglecting doing what I love... sharing with my fellow teachers!  This PowerPoint is focused on what your students (and you) can do with technology in 30 minute blocks of time.  Lower el is often crunched for time (or has limited access to the technology because upper el needs it more often!).  I hope you enjoy as much as the teachers in my district did.  Please let me know it you have any questions!

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