Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm like David Hasselhoff

The joke around my house lately has been, "Mom's a big deal in Europe."  This seems to apply to everything I have an opinion about in my household.  They got it from a joke I made at school  I do have a self-deprecating, sarcastic sense of humor (which has been passed on to my children).  Although, I do work really hard and understand that I am great at my job.  It's probably not as much about skill, as it is passion.  There I go again!  I am a great teacher... students are inspired by me.... parents love me.... (insert your own mantra here).

I'm always taken aback when people comment on my blog or I notice an entry on Pintrest.  Many times, these are just rants or dumping my thoughts on to paper/screen.  My friend, Carly- who teachers kindergarten, will bring attention to it once in a while when she's blog-surfing.  It's a running joke at school.  I'm like the David Hasselhoff of teaching- undervalued daily, but big in Europe!  Here's the latest example of how Americans need to listen to me:

***Please note: I mean no disrespect to David Hasselhoff by comparing myself to him.  Like I said, he is under-appreciated in the US.

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