Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Awesome App Alert- Stop Motion Movie

As a motivator and to create reading excitement during National March
is Reading Month, our principal agreed to be duct taped to the
cafeteria wall by the top readers in each classroom from each week.  She
is pretty awesome and will do just about anything to get kids excited
about learning.  The logistics of taping her to a wall weren't too bad,
but the poor woman spent 3 hours up there!

I wanted to preserve the experience for the school and share it with parents.  I
tried out a "stop motion" app that took photos of the action every 30
seconds.  You can set it for any length.  It took photos on it's own,
but I also had the ability to click a photo of each child (in additional
to the automatic ones).  It was FREE and super easy to use.  It took
about another hour to delete the bad/ unflattering photos and import it
into iMovie to polish it up.  I could have added additional special
effects like music right from the app, but it costs extra.

Here is the app in iTunes: LINK

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