Sunday, May 11, 2014

Awesome App Alert- Green Screen

I have the benefit of having a student teacher this semester, so I have been spending tons of time on special projects that will positively impact my students this year.  I've even been able to do assessments without stopping instruction. Wa-hoo!

One of the cool things that I tested was using a green screen in order to create book reviews for my students.  Using my iPad, a green screen (available on Amazon for about $20), and some clip art.  In our district we use the Units of Study by Calkins (new version reflection the CCSS).  For opinion/ review writing, we ending with a celebration.  Students used their published piece to read aloud, along with the book.  It was so EASY.

Here is the app I used for $2.99: iTunes Link

Because my students are so stinkin' cute, I posted their videos.  Be kind, as it was my first effort.  Next year, I'll pretty it up with an intro and closing credits :)

You may notice that there are only 18 of them.... Some students did not produce the work necessary to publish.  This was a natural consequence of their effort during workshop :(.  I was so torn - but that's a story for another time!


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