Saturday, January 25, 2014

Record-Setting January.... Ugh!

It's not a secret that I'm from Michigan... born in Detroit, bred just outside of the city.  Normally, I love Michigan- we get to see ALL four seasons and Detroiters are tough.  I'm officially calling "UNKLE!" on the weather around here.  I'm not this tough!  We have officially had the #1 snowiest January on record and the #5 coldest temps.  I like awards and distinctions like anyone else, but not this one. 

We just had "weather day" #8 on Friday.  I have to admit, I love me a good snow day!  However, I'm over it.  My students are suffering from some serious slide (3 weeks off around Christmas) and the inconsistency is reeking havoc on their workshop stamina and behavior.  What's a teacher to do?  Even I'm out of sorts!  I'm working on report card comments this weekend and it's really hard.  I don't think this quarter is a good picture of what my littles can do.  The quarter ended, but I still have a math test to give.... but we need to be in school for that :)

Full disclosure- I'm overwhelmed but I know that it will all be fine.  How have you been dealing with the crazy weather?  Hopefully, we will thaw out by June!

P.S.  On a positive note, we now live closer to school and my commute was cut in half.  On a snow-free day, it's only 23 minutes and there is no traffic.  This has relieved a LOT of stress for our family and my boys get their mommy after school.  The house is coming along.  One of these days I'll post some photos of our rehab work.  This old house needed some serious love!

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  1. I cannot imagine how miserable that is; the inconsistency would bother me too… not to mention those cold temps! I'm not made for cold weather like that; Mississippi is bad enough for me right now! Hang in there; I'm sure your kiddos (and you) will bounce back quickly once you find your rhythm again! Good luck! Stay warm! :)