Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Product, New Sale & a New Freebie!

I've been lounging with my family, enjoying the long weekend.... Guilt started setting in!  I should be doing something, right?  You know what they say about idle hands :)  So, I wanted to float out a new freebie in a gesture of thanks.  Even though we don't know each other, personally- I feel your warmth, encouragement and passion for teaching.  I am also grateful for the many emails that I get each week.  They always seem to come just when I need them! 

I'm a big Words Their Way kinda teacher, so here is an activity that we do to spice up our routine.  We use old magazines (child appropriate!) to hunt for words in print that match our spelling pattern.  We cut them out and paste them in the correct column.  You can get it HERE.

I also wanted to share a new product in my TPT store..... One of my teaching friends is a HUGE fan of Boggle for her word study groups.  She has beautiful displays for each group that changes each week to match the sorts.  She purchase a cute set from TPT last year.  She is in another building.... one that has big, beautiful walls!  I love the idea of Boggle to find words, but lack space.  I just can't give up a big chunk for an activity that is only used for about 20 minutes per week.  So, using Words Their Way as my inspiration for the words, I created activity pages that have the Boggle board right on the paper (which is also great for younger students who cannot transfer print from the wall effectively).  

Boggle inspired by Words Their Way


Here is some more fun news!

300 × 300
My entire store is now on sale for 20% off- use the above code for 10% on top of that :)

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