Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Puff the Bearded Dragon lives by the Lake (in Orion)

Just before school started, I applied for a Pets in the Classroom grant from PetSmart.  After a few weeks, I received great news.... we were approved!  the letter came with coupons that get used at your local store to purchase the pet, habitat, and other essentials.  I chose a bearded dragon :)

He came home and lived with my family for a week before coming to school.  My boys named him Puff the Bearded Dragon (because they have a great sense of humor).  He is about 7 inches long right now and will grow to about 12-18 throughout the school year.  Beardies grow to be about 18-24 inches when they are an adult.  This is why I now have a 40 gallon tank on my classroom counter!
I swear I'm not mushing him- he was puffed out a bit and annoyed with me!
We will be measuring him at the start of each month and charting the data of his growth.  I have been holding him for a few minutes each day to get him used to it.  My friend's sister has one and he/she likes to be held still as an adult.  I'm still a bit nervous he will get away from me :)  Puff now runs to the edge of his home, doing a little dance, when I come in to the room in the morning.  I like to think he misses me and loves to see me.  The truth is that I feed him his live crickets first thing!  He also likes apples.  he didn't care for my spinach salad last week.  He passed on the greens and went right for the strawberries.  Puff is a lot like my children!
The students are completely enchanted by him.  They love to watch him (as he watches them) and see how fast he runs around when he thinks they will give him food.  This is going to be quite an adventure this year!
Do you have class pets?



  1. What an awesome class pet!! You students will always remember it.
    I've had a couple of class pets over the years. One way a hermit crab and the other a fish.
    Connie Anderson
    Welcome To First Grade Room 5

  2. I had a turtle for a class pet and my students really enjoyed it! We used our turtle to begin learning how to do science experiments and observe animals the way scientists do - you can see the activity here