Sunday, September 22, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Photo: First day back to school - let's just say I'm still standing - but barely. Quick question: How many of you have specials {p.e., art, music, etc.} on the very first day?

I would venture to say the FIRST MONTH!  We ending up moving into our new house 4 days after school started. 

1989 Fair Oak Dr, Rochester Hills, MI
Yep, not exactly perfect timing!  We are so happy with our decision.  My commute was cut in half (down to 25 minutes) and I can spend more time with my family.  We love our new neighborhood- our neighbor brought us fresh-baked bread on moving day.  So sweet!  Our house is definitely a fixer-upper (like has not been updated in about 20 years!).  It has "good bones", but floor to ceiling flowered wallpaper in every room.  Ugh!  This is me and my sister-in-law bestie starting in the powder room last weekend.

Photo: Taking down wallpaper in the powder room with Tara!
Needless to say... we are all kinds of tired around here!  Anyway, this won't be a completely self-indulgent post :)  I wanted to share my tech adventure for the year.  I'm using a classroom blog instead of sending out weekly newsletters (as required).  I like it because much of the information I share needs to be saved (booklists, etc.).  This gives parents an easy reference for the future and I can include photos of what we do in our classroom.  Don't worry- I did get permission to post photos BEFORE using them on the site.  So far, parents like it.  Stop by to check it out if you need some ideas for your own or are just curious!
Have a great Sunday!

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