Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I'm Reading Wednesday- Comprehension Connections

I've mentioned before that we are in the process of selling and buying a house.... which is why I didn't make it to What I'm Reading Wednesday (for the last 2 weeks!).  This girl is a hot mess with trying to pack, coordinate crap, and get my own children registered for school.  Here's the kicker.... wait for it... we are probably moving DURING the first week of school.  Can I get a collective "Dude, that sucks!"? 

Anyway, I'm linking up with Cara at The First Grade Parade for:

This was originally posted on 2/22/12:

My kiddos just finished up a comprehension unit of study in readers workshop.  As much as I love our ISD and the plans that they give us for the units, I still feel the need to fill in and beef it up- my kids are ready and they love deep thinking :)  As a supplement, I used Tanny McGregor's Comprehension Connections and some ideas that I've gotten from the bloggy world (check out Holly at Crisscross Applesauce  , she uses it too).  It is a MUST for grades 1-2.  My literacy coach argues with me about it for firsties, but it's my class and she has more important things to do than focus on little old me :)

I love me some anchor charts and was sad to take them down last week.  However, I'm a strong believer in only having up the charts that are being used every day- no need to let them become part of the wall permanently.  I recreate them every time I teach, but I will take a photo to remind myself of the lesson for the following year.  I feel it's more authentic if the students feel that they helped create the chart as we were learning.  I would refer to these through our workshop mini-lessons and use them to prompt and give students the phrases to use during partnership time.  Here are some of them that my class and I created in response to our new learning:

The writing/reflection came from Abby at The Inspired Apple .

My charts were a bit different this past year (I was influenced by my friends at ChartChums).  But I think you'll get the gist :) 

Happy ready (and comprehending)!

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  1. I am reading this book with my teammates right now! I have to admit I have developed a love for anchor charts through this very book! We are loving reading it together so far! The one thing I've noticed is the stuff that TM does is pretty abstract for firsties, so we've adjusted some of the lessons and charts to make them more first-grade friendly. But the kids are loving these units and I'm loving teaching them! Thanks for sharing!