Monday, August 5, 2013

TPT Products on Sale!

 Hey friends!

I try not to shamelessly promote plug my own products too often.  You know how it is when you just really want to read about what a teacher is doing and there is an add for her TPT product?  I'm not judging, I just try very hard not to do it because I feel weird about it.  However.... I was just having lunch with a teacher from my district who is switching grades and she was sharing that she needed a guide for parents that would help them at home with their student's reading goals.

Ummm.... totally embarrassed.  I actually have 3 different product (various levels) that are designed for this purpose.  I emailed them to her immediately.  She also said that she reads my blog and missed me ever saying anything about them.  To my defense, I did send it to my teaching partners and the kindergarten team.  I just forgot to send it to 2nd grade.  My bad!

Here are the bookmarks that I created and are for sale on TPT, if you'd like to check them out before heading back to school:

I also updated my agenda signs featuring some of my favorite ScrappinDoodle friends :)

I am also in LOVE with my supper-easy sight word game packs.  They are great for literacy stations or to play with parent helpers in the hall.  They both feature all of the first 220 Dolch list words.

Just click on my TPT sign at the right of my blog!  Now through Friday (August 9th).  Happy back to school (or at least THINKING about school!)

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  1. Hi Michele! I bought your agenda cards last year and love them! Could you make 3 more for me if its not too much trouble? I would love one that said ELA, one that said Regrouping and one that says Target Time. Thanks! :)