Monday, June 10, 2013

Common Core Readiness Tools

We've been discussing the implications of the Common Core State Standards for over a year now in my district.  As with everything, there is a process!  Last year, we unpacked the literacy portion and made some decisions about our curriculum (Readers and Writers Workshops got modified). 
This is the binder that our literacy coach, Kate put together for us.  It was printed off of the CCSS site and then bound at Office Depot.
We went through and tabbed the sections for easy reference.... our main focus was writing this past year.  The year before, we tackled reading.   

Then we went grade by grade, examining how each standard "bumped it up" in depth and difficulty.  What are we adding to each grade?


This was an awesome experience and really put it all into perspective.  Not so scary!

This morning we found out that we will be getting Lucy Calkin's NEW Units of Study for writing.  We've been using the old units for at least over 7 years (don't quote me on that!).  I'm a bit giddy and cannot wait to get my little hands on that box.  Lame, but true.  There is one box/kit for each grade K-5.  You can even order them with the writing mentor texts included!

 See HERE more information.
We also me our new math coach for the district, Missy.  She doesn't know that I have a blog or that she will become a featuring player in it, like Kate has (sometimes she likes it!).  I'll let her enjoy her summer :)  She brought this cool tool for us today:
It has ALL of the Math & Literacy Standards in one place for K-5.  It must have been pricey, because it will travel with us and we have to pay a fee if we lose it or give it away to gremlins (or however teachers ruin or destroy things!).  I can't write on this one, so it will just travel around with me as a fast reference.  I'll continue to make notes and love on the bound version for my literacy stuff.
I'm guessing that these pages will soon be covered with sticky notes as I think of things regarding math and the changes that I will be making to my practice.

For more information on this tool, visit Mentoring Minds 
Just an FYI... I am NOT getting paid to promote these items.  Although I wouldn't mind free stuff coming my way.  I like getting packages as much as the next girl.
Just 3.5 more days left this year!

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  1. Wow you have been busy with CCSS.
    I teach in a private school so we are aligned with CCSS but still use our own from the Archdiocese. I am going to revamp my writing for next year too. I haven't really done a lot with writing and I know it is an area I need to improve in. I'll be looking forward to seeing what all you do with writing this year:)

    The Busy Busy Hive