Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I'm Reading Wednesday- First Grade Readers

This week I didn't get to my new books, but was focusing on one that I read last summer.  I read books MANY times!  Each time, I highlight in a different color.  It's amazing what new gems you can find with a second, third, or even fourth read.  Many times, my view changes with what I am experiencing with the particular class (or my frame of mind!).

I've been looking toward next year and what I can do differently... I pulled a favorite to help with my first month of teaching Readers Workshop for the fall.

I really liked the conversational writing style that Parsons uses in her writing.  I felt like she is right there with me at Starbucks brainstorming lessons.  She really understands the mind and development of a first grade student, along with the expectations that we have for them.

Each unit has a set of goals and desired outcomes that she has set for her students (and mine!) in these four areas:
  • making meaning
  • decoding
  • habits
  • community
Stephanie starts out by envisioning what her community of readers will be like each day- setting up a culture of readers with ideal conditions in the first chapter (Becoming a Community of Readers).  This is a perfect compliment to Kathy Collins' work and the Sisters' Daily 5 routines.  It's all about going slow in order to get routine, so you can move faster later (focusing on learning, rather than behavior).

My favorite concept from the book is "reading wide-awake" for comprehension (in Reading with a Wide-Awake Mind).  I just have to share this part... so eloquent!

"The magic is not in the book, no matter how good a book it is, and it is not in my head.  The magic of reading happens somewhere between these two places, and feels to me like a current flowing in both directions.  The thoughts, experiences, feelings, responses, and ideas that I bring to what I read are just as important as what is inside the book." (Parsons, 71)

Here are the other units of study:
  • Making Sense of Those Little Black Marks
  • Bringing Books to Life
  • Reading to Learn
  • Sounding Like Readers
  • Planning for Independence and Summer Reading
I hope you love Stephanie's work as much as I do!

Do you have a book you'd like me to review or was wondering about before purchasing?  Leave me a note and I'll try to help!

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  1. I've got this down for one of my summer reads! Thanks for sharing! :)