Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Big Fat Technology Rant

Okay, that title is a bit misleading.... I won't rant here.  I save my rants for staff meetings, sprinkled with humor, so I don't get punched after school in the parking lot by my fellow teachers.  My point is, I LOVE technology and do not currently have what I want for my students in the classroom.  My quest for an LCD projector (interactive) has been a hot topic at meetings and I think I'm wearing them down :) 

We have been hit hard in Michigan financially, as many other areas have been in the last 5 years.  However, now more than ever, our students have more access to technology outside of the classroom rather than in their primary place for education.  So what's a teacher to do?  I went to the community and  Much of what I have in my classroom has been through district grants, local grants, our awesome PTO, as well as my donors.  I now have 2 iPads in my classroom to go with my ancient Mac desktops for student use.  I will also confess that my own family has spent roughly $4000 on my classroom in just under 5 years.  I've spent very little money this school year.  I had to put my own little family first financially.  Technology is just something that I cannot afford for my own kids, let alone for my classroom at this time.

I saw this on another blog (thanks Fun in 1st Grade) and knew that I had to share the importance of technology in classrooms by Online

 What do we Know Infographic

So here are my questions.... What technology do you have in your classroom?  What can you access (shared resources) in your building?



  1. I teach K4 and have 1 desktop PC mainly for my use, but it is linked to our smartboard which the kids and I both use. I also have one ipad and a scanner...that said we have a computer lab in our library, and a lap top, ipad and just got chromebooks all on carts for classroom use and stored in different areas of our building. Ipads near the K5 and 1st grade rooms for easy access, lap tops by 2nd and 3rd grade rooms, and chromebook cart by the 4th and 5th grade. Every other classroom shares a laser printer, and the library houses a color printer and a black laser printer. Most of the upper grades have multiple sets of computers in their classrooms as well as elmos. Technology is very important in our district with a lot of tech help and classes/workshops for us to take to improve our skills.

    1. oh and we just went wireless in all buildings and now are able to bring our own devices to school, and this has also been initiated with the students per parent permission to bring their own devices to school, of course this looks different in all the different grades, but when one of my 4 year olds announced she just got an ipad for her birthday, I guess it isn't as far fetched as I thought it might be. I have yet to have a student bring in a device although a few parents have filled out a permission slip for them to do so.