Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Team Teaching Tuesday (on a Wednesday!)

I'm home today with a sick little boy (who, unfortunately, isn't so little any more...).  I'm using my time to catch up on my bloggy friends and do some work towards getting materials for my classroom.

I am a HUGE fan of  You can read all about it right HERE and see why I treasure this organization.  I can add in an update.... since that posting, my class was also gifted an iPad just before Christmas, along with a few smaller projects.  My classroom has been enhanced by very generous donors and DonorsChoose matching opportunities.  We've received over $4500 in items in just 4 years!

My current project is close to my heart.  my district has been struggling to keep up with technology and having to make huge budget cuts.  Our student computers are close to 10 years old and are finicky, at best.  Our amazing PTO purchased one iPad per classroom, then I was able to get another from DonorsChoose.  I want to make the technology more accessible to the whole group and integrate more technology opportunities to the class.  I am asking for an Epson LCD projector that I will be able to connect to my desk top or an iPad.  This interactive board can change the whole flow of our day.  However, it's also pricey.
Epson BrightLink 475Wi LCD Projector.  This high-performance, network-ready projector & interactive pens integrate interactive functionality into 1 machine... Annotate from any source - directly on projected images sent over the network or on content from DVD/Blu-ray players & document cameras - without the use of a computer. With dual pen support, 2 users can write simultaneously, actively engaging them in the curriculum.
Here is a link to my project, which expires next month: Mrs. Smyth First Grade.

I'm linking up with Becca from Falling to First in honor of Team Teaching Tuesday.  Check ou the linky party for more great ideas and information about how DonorsChoose is changing students' lives in public schools!
 Have a great day!

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