Friday, September 28, 2012

Words Their Way- Day 5 (Game Freebies!)

Welcome to Words Their Way Week!

 Happy Friday- GAME DAY!

After about 5-7 sorting/ gluing/ making words days, we have a game day featuring the sorts and concepts that we have been practicing.  This is a great way to practice for an assessment and another opportunity to talk about the patterns with a partner.  

Most of the games that I use are adapted from the main WTW book.  I have also made/ adapted some others for more variety.  Generally, there are about 5-6 game formats that I use.  I just change the words/ pictures to match the sort.  I try to repeat the games, so the child is focused on the pattern rather than learning to play a game.

I have some of my games for short vowel families on TPT for FREE- just click on my store to download them.  Here are a few other games that I put together:
(adapted from Second Story Window)
Be sure to check out past posts:

I've been getting some questions emailed to me this week that I'd like to answer.  Check back next week to see some FAQ's and additional tips!

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