Saturday, September 1, 2012

TPT Sale & Pinterest Linky

I love me some Pinterest!  I'm still trying to figure out how to get SBU credits for the amount of time I spend.... almost as bad as my time trolling blogs!  I came across this today and had to join in the fun:

Now I can stalk even more people, in more ways :)  I've aready spent about 1/2 hour following people.  That's right... step away from the screen!
On a fun note, if you missed getting in on the sale at the beginning of August at Teachers Pay Teachers, I'm having another sale starting now through Monday.  Why "labor" if I have something already made for you? :)  Here is my new favorite item:
There are 22 different games (different clip art, colors, and shapes on each).  Each game is a "follow the path" style.  you just need dice and a place marker to get started.  That's less than 50 cents a game- Lakeshore Learning can't beat that :)  Just CLICK to get to my store.

Happy Labor Day!

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