Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dream a little dream and a new toy....

You know what I'm talking about... the dreams that all teachers start having about 3 weeks before school starts.  Summer is running in the opposite direction and the to-do list comes crashing into our brains- while we are trying to sleep!

Last night, I dreamt...
Our contractor (we are having some work done on our house) came in and asked why I was home. 
Where else would I be, besides ready a mindless book on my Kindle? 
Lady, today is the first day of school.  Your kids' bus just went by.

(exit dream sequence, enter me waking in a cold sweat)

Seriously, my stomach is still upset an hour later.  The 3 cups of coffee (so far) are probably not helping, either.  I'm in a holding pattern (still!) as far as getting into my classroom, but I'm doing okay on the planning end.

As I said, we are having work done on our home, so that is keeping us pretty busy and somewhat distracted.  However, I think teachers have an internal clock that tell us that we are supposed to be doing something.... something that will help us sleep better at night!

Since we know I'm a planner (and LOVE all things organizational and in an office supply store!), I thought I'd share my new favorite toy.

Hurray!  I almost kissed the FedEx guy (this is normal for the UPS man, but rarely, does FedEx get this kind of greeting from me).  I just had to show off my new Erin Condren Life Planner (click HERE to see the website).  Let me just say that I am in NO WAY being paid or asked to endorse this product.  In fact, I willingly paid FULL PRICE to get it.  (I'll review a free item I got next week :) ! )  I just had to have it after hearing of the cute personalized items and checking out the site.

This is how it arrived (so precious!):

Here is a quick tour of the inside



There a bunch of other cool goodies, but I had to stop taking pictures so I could start marking up that bad boy with big plans!

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