Friday, July 13, 2012

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

You know you want to start singing in you best Julie Andrews voice!  I'm not making kids clothes out of ugly curtains, but I am exploring the artist side of me this week.  Little known fact- I went to art school and have an Art History degree (I was young and actually though I could survive being an artist/ researcher!).  As I paint, my mind wanders and I was just thinking about my favorite things (hence the bad Sound of Music reference).  This is my self-involved/ self-indulgent post :)

These are a few of my favorite things...

I am an avid list-maker, so as I work/paint/read, I always have a notebook next to me.  I hate losing a great idea just because I'm without paper!  I love notebooks!  I go through a lot of them- sometimes just doodling or random thoughts.  I have a few go-to items for this.  I order the FREE and personalized ones from  You can get them with lined or plain paper inside.  I always have one in my bag!

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Another favorite, but pricey-er is the awesome mole-skin line of notebooks.  I feel very fancy and writer-ly (think Hemingway) when I use these.  I used to get them at Borders (insert sad music here), but now Target carries them.
Moleskine Classic Mini Ruled Notebook (2.5 x 4)
Another item I use at home and the classroom is my label maker.  I like to create the illusion that I am organized!
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I have a thing for office products in general, but I REALLY love me some flair pens.  The more colors, the better (although I think yellow should be for highlighters only- mine never gets used).

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I use a lot of music in my classroom for cues and to stimulate learning (another post for another time!).  During Readers Workshop, my kiddos and I like to listen to "our reading music".  What they don't know is that it is actually baby lullaby CD's that I bought when my own children were born.  The cool part is that the lullabies are music from a few of my favorite bands.  There are over 20 to chose from on Amazon.  I will warn you.... I'm a HUGE Nirvana fan, but the Rockabye version creeped me out and I can't listen to it (think demented clown music!).  However, Nine Inch Nails is on my list for the fall.  Seriously.... (we all have a past, right?).  Last year, these were in our rotation:

Product Details   Product Details   Product Details   Product Details   Product Details   Product Details

I also L.O.V.E my camera.  I have been nick-named the "Moma-razzi by my son's baseball coach.  He laughs all season long, but can't wait to see the awesome shots I can capture with my mac-daddy lens!  I also have a smaller camera, just for school.  So much learning takes place that isn't represented by paper/ pencil.  I like to share it with the kids (recounting their learning) and parents.

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I also have a strong relationship with my public library.  They let me check out 30 books at a time!  This is how I get books for my social studies and science units.  It keeps my classroom library fresh and well-stock with nonfiction options.  If you haven't tried this avenue as a source, please check it out.  Public libraries are always there to help!

Well, I'm off to read (a Kindle book lent from my public library!).  Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. I'm a labeler too. :) I went a little crazy in my classroom a couple years ago and had to pull them down when I moved out because I thought the next teacher would think I was nuts. Ha!

    You've got me interested in the CDs. I'm off to check it out now!

    ★ First-Graders from Outer Space ★

  2. I love the Rockabye Baby! cds too!! I recently bought a bunch of their songs from iTunes to make a school playlist. Baby Lullaby Ensemble and Lullaby players are also great artists for pop music and Dave Matthews.