Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogger Star-Struck

I haven't checked my school email in a few days (the record is 6 days!), so I figured I should just in case something urgent was waiting.  There is was..... right there in my inbox along with a bunch of offers from Staples and Touch Math (I really need to get off those lists!).  I got an email from Hadar from

       and TBA

Can you even believe it?  She completely rocks and I "borrowed" tons of stuff from her when I taught kinders.  I completely forgot (not unusual for me) that I offered to write for the Teaching Blog Addict blog if needed/wanted or if they had pity on me.

So, coming up- this Sunday- I will be posting a Teachers' Summer Top 10.  It will be packed with ideas of what teachers can do over the summer to grow their teaching practice (without going into the school building) and  develop personally (read: relax!).

I'm off to install outdoor lighting.... no worries, I already wrote the post, so even if I don't make it out alive.....

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