Monday, May 7, 2012

Quest for Clutter-Free Walls

I like things to match and cannot handle a lot of visual clutter.  Seriously.  I even made agenda labels for a friend's wall because her handwritten/ computer combo labels did not match-- it was driving me nuts.  She didn't understand why it would bug me through a bathroom and cinder block walls.  I knew it was there!  Can I get an AMEN to my insanity?
One of my favorite blogs has provided a bunch of organization inspiration over the last year.  A girl after my own heart!
Clutter-Free Classroom

I am always on a quest to make my walls simple and student directed, however having a workshop format has loaded my room down with TONS of anchor charts and it's a constant battle.  I only want to keep up what is current and being used every day by my students.  Inspired by this week's Clutter-Free challenge, I took some photos of my current walls.  I'm trying not to cringe as I actually see what I live with every day!

This is my favorite wall- I finally got back to this side of the building and LOVE my view.  Cheesy, but it reminds me of the Pacific Northwest- very Twilight-ish when it rains :) 

So, I have a few thoughts for next year:
  • I really like the blue paper on everything.  I think this will stay the same. 
  • The word wall is too high on those cabinets.  I'll move that over to the big bulletin board at the back of the room (over the built-in cabinet/ counter.  That way, when they write the room or are using it in writers workshop, they will have a surface to write on.  Also- they won't hurt their little necks :)
  • I don't know if I made good use out of our Bucket Filler board.  I'm wondering if I should put the pockets on their lockers instead of name tags to keep the concept in the forefront of their minds.
  • I like my math/calendar area.  I think the rest of the board will be a permanent home for the current readers and writers workshop anchor charts for the unit.
  • I REALLY want my windows bare, or at least to just have student seasonal artwork along the laundry line.  I'm conflicted, because my students do use those charts (as I put them up and rotate them) throughout the day. 
My door is a bit lame at the start of the year... I saw this an I really like it, as it goes with our class theme about being a "school family".
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Link to blog for details...

I would change the colors to match my blue and green.  I take a photo of everyone on the first day, so I can have this prepped ahead of time and just add the photos after school.


  1. Everything looks great. I too can be a little crazed about things lined up, symmetrical, and want it not too cluttered. I have a hard time with all the Daily 5 anchor charts. I finally typed them all up, nice and cute, laminated them, and put them on a ring. I pull out the ones I need. I like the blue and green. I am your newest follower.
    Classroom Companion

  2. You have an amazing view! All I an say is wow!!! I live on the California Coast and have worked in classrooms and schools where you can see the ocean, but never as up-close and personal like your view! I think I might like yours better! I'd be happy to be on that side of the school also! Enjoy it!