Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crunch. Time. People!

It hit me today.... as I was sitting in an IEP before school, I realized that we only have 22 days left of school.  I nearly had a panic attack!  I knew it was coming.  I did, it's just there is so much to do before the end of school.
I'm way ahead in reading and writing workshop.  I didn't realize that there weren't enough mini-lessons to last the year if I taught one every day.  I really did repeat MANY of them, but it happened.  Oh, well.  I'll know for next year.  For the last month, I haven't been teaching on Fridays- just a review and writing or reading time.  Last Friday, the kiddos read for almost 40 minutes while I conferred.  They are such big readers with some serious stamina :)

I should be fine in social studies... I'll just cut out a few project-y stuff and hit the basics of economics and get the produce/sell/donate stuff underway.  We will be producing a good, then selling it to earn money.  The money will support a public issue of the students' choosing.  Like how I blending the state standards together there?  Getting the class to pick an issue or charity has been tough so far.  We may just end up donating money to buy food for the animals inside the nature center next door.  At least they could watch the snake eat the mouse....  I picked this up during the TPT Mother's Day sale (I wasn't thinking that far in advance during the appreciation sale).  It's from a sweet teacher in our district.  Yes- I paid for it.  She worked hard on it and deserves the cash, even from someone knows :)

Economics Unit - If You Give A Kid Some Cash...

Science is a WHOLE OTHER situation.  Nature Girl (teacher next door) has science down to an art form.  It is her passion and she does a great job inspiring her students.  I tend to fake it (at least until I make it!).  We are doing life cycles for the bulk of the year.  I managed to get in insects, arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals done.  Birds and fish may just be a few read alouds at this point.  They all get the idea and will get it again in a few years (4th grade I think?).  Plants are a must and it needs to start next week.  Thank goodness for some awesome purchases on TPT!

My Seed to Plant Project      and       Plants for Primary Teachers

Next week, we have AimsWeb testing (universal screener, like DIBELS).  I'm sort of in charge (mostly scheduling and getting people to help test all day), so there is an element of stress added.  I also don't want to be out of my classroom more.  Ugh!  Guest teachers are slim pickin' around here lately!

Anyway, my vent is over for today.  Deep breaths.

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  1. Deep deep breaths and you'll be fine :D

    Jessica Stanford