Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tracking challenging behaviors without pulling out my nuetral dark brown hair:

Since the beginning of my career in education, the universe has sent me some children with quirky, and at times- very challenging behaviors.  I don't know what it is, but there seems to be a theme.  I've been in 5 classrooms in the last 4 years, so I know it's not the room- just me.  I've fallen in love with each of these little sweeties and am amazed at how they have grown over the years. 

However, one of the biggerst challenges in K-1 is that there are many cases where you are the "first-responder" when a child has learning challenges (outside of the normal range) or social issues that they need addressed more directly.  This requires an enormous amount of compassion and grace toward the child and the parents.  Our goal MUST be to support them through this journey and find the resources that the child needs.  As we know, you can't get anywhere without DATA, DATA, and more DATA.  Dtarting the first day of school, I start making anectdotal notes on my students (all of them) in order to get to know them and target any needs that emerge in the first few weeks.  One that I started the year with and can be used with multiple children.  I wish I knew who's blog I found it on.... I'll come back and edit if I figure it out :)

I've also been collecting MANY diffeent kinds of data for different reasons on many students over the years.  When I can't find exactly what I need, I end up making one to fit the child and the situation or modifying an existing one.  Here are some that I use often:

It may seem over the top, but in order to isolate specific challenge and make grow goals for the child, it's necessary.  Also, as I've learned by being part of a RTi school, it's just good teaching.  We need to know this much about our students :)


  1. What a great way to put the special task k/1 teachers have! When I moved from 3/4 down to 1st grade, I was amazed at the work that it takes beyond our teaching role to keep up with all of the needs of our little guys. I just found your blog and am glad to be a new follower!