Friday, March 30, 2012

Classroom Library Linky Party!

I love peeking inside other classroom libraries!  I pin them constantly on Pinterest and check out rooms every time I'm in another building.  One of my new favorite blogs is having a linky party about classroom libraries.  Come check it out!

Every teacher I talk with has different resources available and varying amount of books.  I try not to get discouraged or too envious about HUGE libraries :)  When I moved to first grade, I did inherit a lot of books and many were purchased by me.  Books are ALWAYS on my wish list!  I have also had help from

Here are my photos.... I do not have a "set library", but rather they are spread out around the room.  I have a small room, so I keep the front half of the room open for large group instruction on the floor and if students want to do their work there.

My "Look Books" (picture books- not leveled).

Portion of leveled readers.

Leveled books, organized by character series.

Non-fiction, not leveled.


Social Studies
I want to see your library, too!  Link up and let me know that you stopped by!  Only a few more hours until Spring Break... hurray!


  1. I'm totally going to link up to this. Mine is pathetic, but it's my first year. I need new ideas. Thanks for the Pinterest suggestion!

    First in Maine

  2. Michele,

    I LOVE YOUR LIBRARY!!!!! Sooooo many books! Your students (and anyone that walks into your room...) can see how much you value reading. LOVE IT!!!! I need to work on building up my non-fiction book collection. You have so many science and social studies books. I really like how your blue baskets stand out on the green shelf! : )

    Thanks for linking up!