Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest Addiction & the Fine Print

So I'm cruising though my blog roll, checking in on everyone (that's right, I keep tabs on what people that I have never met are up to- I'm nosey like that!) and what catches my eye?

Do you have permission to pin?

Ummm...what?  Did I need to?  What did I miss?  I LOVE my Pinterest!  How can this be true?  How will I keep track of all of the things I will probably never do?  Why isn't everyone else talking about this (or am I not up to date with the cool kids!)?  Apparently, we all need permission to use or own the rights to photos that are pinned.  Confused.  What's the point of pinning if it's already mine.  I don't need to remember my own stuff.  Well, at times I do because I think I'm headed towards early on-set Alzheimer's (I'm partly serious- it runs in the family)!  on top of that, we are also agreeing to allow Pinterest to use those images we pin however they like. 

I'm still confused, but I'm inviting you to learn more from Laura Chandler.  She posted about this and added some resources (which I will pin later!).  So, she and some others came up with a little logo that will let others know that they may pin things from your blog.

So you all know, I've added one to my site.  I'm not here to make money, just share.  However, if I see you making money off my ideas.... I'll hunt you down and- well, probably nothing.  But, I WILL WHINE A LOT to family and friends.
On the flip side, I will still be using Pinterest, but try to make sure that the things I, personally, pin from blogs or websites are with permission.  hopefully, more bloggers will address this and let us know their wishes.  (I'm not taking down the awesome Hey, girl... signs!)

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