Friday, February 3, 2012

3 Addend Addition & Work Mat Freebie

With a new quarter, came some new math units.... we started 3 Addend Addition on Monday.  My class has been pretty strong in addition and subtraction so far this year.  I do 2 math stations daily (2 out of the 12 are addition/subtraction), so they keep those skills at the forefront.  I have to say.... the last 2 years with math stations, have been a totally transformation in learning.  I highly recommend looking into it if you haven't already.  (Check out my post about it here , as well as the other you can find tagged.) 

In order to introduce the concepts, we first gathered in an oval-ish shape on the floor and used unifix cubes and this work mat (click below the photo for the freebie).

Click HERE
I just verbally gave them equations and the set up the problem and raised their hands to give the solution.

The next day, I gathered the oval-ish group again and added the component of writing the equation on a dry erase board.  After a couple equations with me, I had them get with partners to practice.

The following day, we added paper and pencils to the mix. 

We will do this for a few more days before phasing out the manipulatives.  Some of my students will continue to use the manipulatives, as a support tool.   From here, we will learn how to pull 2 of the numbers together to make an easy-to-add number (like 10 or doubles).


  1. Love this idea! Just started this concept today! Just a heads up...couldn't get the download to work...Thanks for the idea though!

    1. Thanks, Heidi! I got it fixed :) I was home sick yesterday.... apparently it's not safe to blog while on cold & sinus meds!

  2. Cute. Thanks for sharing. We're starting this concept next week.
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