Friday, January 6, 2012

My sweatpants are getting jealous...

It's true.  My sweat pants are jealous of my work clothes.  After spending 2 weeks of quality time with them, I had to go back to my school clothes.  It was a rude awakening putting on real pants on Tuesday (whoa- someone snacked on carbs and laid on the couch reading around here!).  So, I'm back on Weight Watchers.  I need structure.... and the shame of weighing in each week to keep me on track.

Anyway... once I dealt with that, I was able to get back into the swing of things at hyper speed.  Thank you to our "Sunshine" committee for buying that Keurig!  I was refilling my cup when I met up with a student that needs special attention from me and handled some things for him.  I won't go into it, but some days, you just know that you made a difference and it had nothing to do with academic teaching.

The morning went as planned and I was especially impressed with my kiddos during math stations.  They were so on task!  They must be all out of Christmas cookies at home.  Kidding!  No, not really.  I was sharing this at lunch when.... I got distracted and switched to Wicked.

I might not be smart enough for this series.  My brother got me the series for Christmas (yes- REAL books, my Kindle is mad- another story!).  I'm around the 4th chapter and am getting confused already.  I think I need to concentrate more.  I will confess that I was reading mind candy over break and I may have dumbed myself.  I actually shared this with my students during readers workshop and one sweetie asked if I was having trouble with the words or just not thinking while I was reading.  I would have been offended had I not taught her about meta cognition.  Darn kid, thinking about thinking!

I think I may have attention issues in general (I'm hoping it's not dementia at 36 years old).  Someone snag me if I leave the house in my pajama's, wandering around, looking for a stapler.  I was teaching guided reading, but saw by some books that had number labels instead of letters (a la Fountas & Pinell).  Crap.  I tried to ignore it.  I have more pressing things!  Really.  I do.  So, instead of prepping and making my plans for next week during my prep time (including sub plans for 2 days), I spiralled out of control and started re-labeling books and making new book bin labels for a few new series that I added this year.  In the middle of that.....

I remembered that I was working on a weather unit (will show up on TPT at some point) and need to remember to take photos.  My teaching partner still has my camera.  At that point, I packed it in and went home shaking my head (lugging everything I didn't so at school with me). 

Which brings me to now.... my jealous sweatpants.  They need some of my time tonight.

Today post is dedicated to Laura Numeroff :)


  1. Well, at least you put on sweat pants! I lounged around in my pajamas most the day. Enjoyed reading your post!

    First Grade Delight

  2. I have never been able to get into those Gregory Maguire books. I have tried and tried but it just wasn't for me. I tend to start a bunch of projects and not complete one either. I think teaching kindergarten has made me ADD.

  3. Thanks for this post...I was worried I was the only one breaking up with my sweats to go back to real clothes. Back to W.W. for me too. I have a love hate relatinship with that scale!