Friday, December 16, 2011

Last minute craft idea!

So what do you do with 6 bottles of craft sand and a HUGE box of baby food jars?  Make a snowman of course!  In an effort to use the supplies already in my room and recycle a friend's baby food jars, I came up with this little cutie.


The students filled the jars with the sand all the way up to the rim.  They could be as creative as they liked.  (A parent did help monitor the sand.)  I had the students paint the jar lids white and a parent hot glued on the head.  The students applied the eyes and the nose (pipe cleaner), as well as drew the mouth with a Sharpie.  The scarves are just regular ribbon (on sale for the holidays!).  I did think about arms, but realized that they would: A) break in transport and B) have to be done by a parent with hot glue.  I wanted the child to be able to do at least 90% of the project.  My kiddos decorated gift bags and will bringing it home to their families tonight.

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