Thursday, December 22, 2011

For the love of coffee!

There are times (few) when teaching and family are not on my mind.... because it's winter break, I have more time to get annoyed by little things that wouldn't bug me during school.  Although it's not a teaching tip or a freebie, you may just find yourself in a similar situation that can make or break your sanity (which will eventually impact your teaching).  Please indulge me and my rant this morning :)
So, after a week of being annoyed at my beloved Keurig coffee maker (brewing 1/2 cups for no reason), I looked it up on Bing. Come to find out, I'm not alone.  The only solid solution people had was flipping it over and giving it a good spanking.  That's right, spanking the bad coffee brewer!  At this point, I have time and sub-par coffee.   I flipped it over and went "Office Space" on the thing.  I'm now enjoying a FULL cup of Caribou Morning Blend with some eggnog in it.  Happy holidays, love Keurig!


  1. That is hilarious! In a sad kinda way. Well at least you know how to take care of the problem! Happy Holidays.

    First Grade Delight

  2. After using your machine in your lounge the other day, I decided to add one to my Christmas list. And then...spouce came home from shopping yesterday and said the "sales lady" told him that they are nothing but a fad and to check out how expensive those little cups are. He is totally not buying me one now...dumb sales girl...

  3. Apparently she doesn't work on commission! Dumb. It has actually saved me money (between home and school) because I go to Starbucks less often :) The cups are at Target and WalMart for around $11-12 for 18 cups. Maybe he's just being sneaky and getting you one :)

  4. I love coffee too and have been thinking about getting a Kuerig for my school. I love your blog and have nominated you for the liebster award. check it out!!