Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Help me help you....

Today was a good day- actually, a great day.  Things went so well that we had 10 extra minutes at the end of the day.  So, my little friends got to watch some of the video on the life cycle of butterflies (they LOVE the science videos!).  I explained to them that because they were doing so well following directions and transitioning quietly and quickly throughout the day, we had time for a bonus activity.  The routine is finally set, the expectations are internalized....Help me help you to get a few more minutes of fun :)

Yesterday, my friends learned what the weekly "helper" duties are.  I've never had a job chart before, so this is new to me.  I know, I know.... I just never thought it was a party I wanted attend, so I came late! :)  In the 2nd chapter of Conscious Discipline, they discuss ownership of the classroom and how our school "family" works together, just like at home.  Thus- the job chart.  I only have about 12-13 actual jobs, the rest are generic "helping hands".  The jobs rotate each week.  Here is a photo of the chart that hangs on the door that connects us to another classroom (it's the behavior chart from Lakeshore Learning that I re-purposed):

The "Helping Hands" actually have a week off, unless I need more than one friend for the project.  For example, the "librarian needed to take 31 books to the Media Center this morning.  i asked four of the general helpers to come and help.  We also talked about how even when we don't have a specific responsibility, we always need to be helpful.  I may just need another chart at home for my kids!

I'm in a "helpful" mood, so I'm sharing the cards that I made for the chart.  The clip art if from DJ Inkers and Microsoft. 

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  1. I found your site from Pinterest (of course!) and I wanted to compliment you on implementing Conscious Discipline strategies and classroom jobs in a first grade setting! I teach pre-k and am always hearing "oh I'm sure that works fine for your little kids, but we don't need that" from older teachers, so it's awesome that you're giving your children this. I also LOVE your calm, uncluttered room. Keep up the great teaching!