Monday, August 8, 2011

Top 10 Reasons I Know it's Back to School Time!

Inspired by Mrs. Tunstall's List, I noticed that there are CLEAR signs that school time is approaching.  Here's my list:

10. I went into my classroom to check it out (still in a stack of boxes and furniture).
9.  I now check my work email as much as my personal email.  You just never know!
8.  I've been texting with other teachers about work gossip.  I MISS them!
7.  I have a "To Do" list with me at all times.
6.  I wake up at 5am, wondering if I need to be up or not. 
5.  I've been reading professional development books in a panic- It's finally hit that I am changing grades.
4.  I'm in a mad rush to finish those "summer projects" around the house that I haven't even started.
3.  I have a stack of receipts from Lakeshore Learning and a variety of discount stores.
2.  I keep hugging my own children because I will miss them soon.
1.  I've been to Target 3-4 times each week since they put out the school supplies (not to buy- just to smell the fresh stock!).

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  1. I can smell the supplies! ha! That was so cute.
    Thanks for linking up!