Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher!

In honor of Teacher Week at Blog Hopper 
(Teacher Week), I'm posting some fun (and hopefully helpful) stuff this week.

A little about me...

I am married to a VERY patient man and have two smart and funny boys.  They all keep me very busy, as I follow them around with my camera catching the hilarity as it happens.  Here is a photo of us at the closing of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure 3-Day Walk (60 miles!) last week.  It was my second time walking and it was AMAZING!

I am crazy compulsive (I've been referred to as a pitbull by my mother- I grab a hold of something and don't let go!).  I rarely do anything half-way!  If I'm reading a book, I read the whole thing in a day or two.  If I take on a project at school, it gets done.  You get the idea :)  I also have an addiction to office or school supplies and art materials.  I love the smell of fresh crayons!  I am also a photographer and scrapbooker (when I finally get the photos printed!).

How long have I been teaching?
This will be my fifth year teaching.  My first year, I did a long term substitute position in a full-time kindergarten classroom with 29 students (whoa!).  I learned so much!  The following year I was hired by my fabulous district (on the outer edge of my commute time limit) for a kindergarten position in two different buildings (we were on an all day alternate schedule).  It was confusing, but I learned to be even more organized and to treat every class differently.  I was making different lesson plans for each building to best suit the students' needs.  My second and third year with my district, I was teaching all day, every day kinders in ONE building.  Yeah!  I have made this school my second home :)  Due to a drop in numbers for kindergarten, I was able to move up to a first grade position for this coming year.  In case you are keeping score, this will be my 5th classroom in 4 years!  (I get around int he building!)  I am super excited to be making a change and experiencing a new grade level.

What you may not know....
Like many others, teaching was not my first career.  I actually went to the Art Institute of Chicago to study 2D art and sculpture.  I ran out of money after two years and moved home.  Under duress, I started the business program at Oakland University (while working a retail management job).  I actually failed the same math class 3 times (so embarrassing!) and had to leave the program.  At the time, I was taking my humanities credit course (art history) and the instructor suggested switch to Art History.  I did and graduated with my BA nine months after delivering my first son.  I loved the idea of research and study, but museum jobs are hard to come by.  Praise God!  When my older son was in preschool, I found my bliss.  I volunteered in his classroom and realized that it wasn't the art or research that I loved- it was the process of learning!  I returned to Oakland University that year and earned a MAT in Elementary Education with majors in language arts, social studies and early childhood (Remember the pitbull thing?).

What I'm looking forward to this year....
 In a word, EVERTHING!  There is so much I can't wait to experience with new eyes. There is magic in learning and I'm so blessed to be able to help children everyday learn and grow. I have the best job in the world. Where else do you get a hug at the end of the day after you've been on their case for not following directions?

What I want to improve... 
I'm really focusing on Conscious Discipline and using work stations to maximize learning. I'm also working on the workshop model for reading and writing. Although I have been using it for 3 years, I'm starting fresh in first grade.

What teaching supplies I cannot live without...
  • I love my Mr. Sketch Markers!  They make me smile as I write.  I find myself smelling them each time I switch colors.  I even found my kiddos doing the same thing last year during interactive writing!  
  • I also need my anchor charts with drawings/photos.  They keep us on track and help focus on learning.  
  • My books!  I love the way it sounds when the pages turn and the kiddos are sitting, with baited breath, to find out what happens next.
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