Saturday, August 20, 2011

Literacy & Math Work Stations

So, I'm set and ready for my Literacy and Math Stations.  Okay, I have the labels made for the board but not filled or ready to go!  I haven't hung the charts up, but I've got a plan.  I'm attaching 2X4 size labels for the cards that will be in the chart.  I am attaching these to colored card stock (gotta make it pretty!), then laminating them.  I will have 12 stations for each subject. 

I wanted to thank and send some love to Mrs. Meacham for her AWESOME clip art and inspiration.  Please visit her website for more AMAZING ideas and resources at:

Math Stations page 1 labels
Math Stations page 2 labels
Literacy Stations page 1 labels
Literacy Stations page 2 labels

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