Friday, July 29, 2011

Making labels!

I have a serious addition to organization (as I have said before), however..... I just LOVE labels on things!  It makes me happy!  When supplies are clearly labeled with a picture, it's as if the world has been set right again.  No one sees it's importance more than an early childhood teacher.  Upper el just can't understand the joy that this brings K-2 teachers. 

One of my favorite gifts was a label maker from my grandmother- she gets me.  I use this for smaller things that only adults would see (like on the inside of my cabinets on the shelves.  I also use TONS of Avery (and store brand) label in a sheet for the computer.  This is when the kiddos need to find things.  This helps them become even more independent!  I'll post some of the labels I made today for math manipulative tubs.

Math Tub Labels page 2
Math Tub Labels page 1


  1. Thanks so much for these! I love your comment about K-2 teachers getting such joy from labels! I am so label crazed I label in my home and my family just goes with it! What can I say, obsessed?

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! As school gets closer, I will be posting more. Stay tuned! :)

  3. Enjoying your posts and llnks.. I ahve a question. You posted, last year on proteacher, that you once did an action research study on how movement in the classroom impacts learning. Would you mind telling me what your baseline was and what or how you measured that? It would be a great topic that I would like to do, if i can figure out where to go with it. I will be writing a research study this summer for UMKC Masters prgram and really love this subject area. I can also be contacted at

  4. I found your blog on pinterest. I am now a teacher consultant and work with new teachers in Michigan. You have a wonderful classroom that should be modeled by many other classroom teachers!! I also taught First Grade for years and would have loved to implement all of your great ideas in my classroom. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Hi Michelle!

    I was searching Pinterest and happened to stumble over your bookworm craft where you put gummy worms in a a bag for summer reading. I was wondering if you share the template for that? I am the reading specialist in my school and I'm trying to organize and kick off a summer reading program and I thought they would be a great fit for what I'm doing. Please let me know!

    Mary Ann