Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm overwhelmed!

I'm going to be honest- I'm overwhelmed with my new room.  I went in this morning to finish moving my desk items and empty some things from a locker or two (I ran out of time on the last day of school).  I tried my best to ignore it, but there it was.... just looking at me.  I'm moving into a room that had many bookshelves and wonderful resources (including a leveled library!).  My problem is that I am merging what I have with the new, all while taking into consideration that I will be teaching 1st grade now.  I'm looking at what I have that can be re-purposed from kindergarten.  Yeah!  Most of it can!  I think I need to buy some more book bins from Lakeshore Learning- they must match in order to make me happy.  (Yes, I have a touch of OCD!)  I'll have a better idea once I look at the books again and set up the shelves.  I did resist the urge to move any thing! 

This is NOT my first time at the rodeo.  In fact, this will be my 5th room to set up in 4 years (I was in 2 buildings my first year).  I've never stayed in one place twice.  So, I'm hoping this will be more long term.  I brought home my Spaces and Places book for some inspiration and a way to organize my thoughts.  I've used it the last two times, but now- I'm reading it as a first grade teacher, with different needs.  I'll post more photos and thoughts as I move through this process.

My view from the door.

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