Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Here I go!

So, it's only July and I'm already thinking about school and starting the next phase of my teaching practice.  I really struggled with this decision (moving to 1st grade).  In my mind, I was a kindergarten teacher rather than a lower elementary teacher, etc.  I studied early childhood and spent most of my studies examining early learners and their development- looking at the whole child.  Now, in order to stay in the same building and continue the relationships that I've built with the families and staff, I am moving across the hall.  I didn't take the decision lightly.  I wanted job security and consistency in one school.  I am emotionally invested in my building's families and their futures.  I wouldn't have had that if I had moved to another building to continue with kindergarten students.  I didn't want to start over building those relationships.  My brain knows that I will be just fine, but my heart is scared and my confidence is a bit shaken. 

So, here is where I start.... I pulled out my professional reading, looking at it with new eyes and a new determination to learn about the 1st grade child and learner.  I am also feverishly reading teaching blogs by 1st grade teachers.  Wow!  These are some talented and knowledgeable people.  Check out the ones I'm currently reading at the side of my page.  I will also post some of the books that I am reading. 

Welcome to my new adventure and my new format for "learning out loud".

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