Friday, July 8, 2011

Connecting Math Stations to Whole Group

As I read through Math Work Stations, I could instantly see the connection to the math books that I have been using as a format for whole group and small group instruction.  Kathy Richardson has an easy and concrete way to teach introductory math concepts.  Everything is hands-on and integrates  "math speak" and dialog throughout the experiences.  After teaching as a whole group (modeling), the class pairs up and practices (with teacher roaming and listening in), then the activities become independent practice in a stations.  The activities can be done at multiple levels, so the students will naturally be working at their appropriate level without me having to re-do the station and altering it any more that adding higher numbers/ values.

I started with Book 1 in kindergarten and moved on to Book 2 for addition and subtraction (shown to the left).  I even taught addition and subtraction together for the first time (opposed to separate units) based on her book.  My students did an amazing job at flipping between the two, which other classes had struggle with in the past.  This year I see myself using many of the concepts and lessons from Book 1 (at a higher level) and all of Book 2.  I also just ordered Book 3 in order to get more in depth on Place Value (hundreds place added in).

So, along with all of the  great ideas in Debbie Dillers's book, I can use the grade-level specific concepts in Richardson's books.  I LOVE it when authors are real teachers and give us what we need!

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